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Be a worldwide FM distributor and earn extra money!!!

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FM Perfumes

In over 60 countries have now the possibility to work on an additional income selling perfumes, either part time or full time. You share your time and determines the rate at which your activities have been developed. Nothing needs, and anything goes! You’re a freelancer and was looking for another job because you have some extra income can be used very well. Now you can define your own hours that you want working for your business. Look no further, but start today by subscribing.

Becoming a member:

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  • Possibility to sell FM fragrances and cosmetics from home. Prices are razor sharp and you can easily compete with other brands.
  • Distributors are more than entrepreneurs? Consider building your business through networking. We will gladly inform you how to sell perfumes and gain unlimited income. Anything is possible, but depends for a great part to your own efforts.
  • Piling up stock? Is not necessary, the FM Perfume Group is doing this for you!
  • You are not tied to monthly purchase commitments. We love clarity. No, no small print and no nasty nasty snakes hidden in the grass, you will never encounter these.
  • FM Group perfumes products are of the highest quality and are made in Europe with scent essences supplied by Drom Fragrances. A lot of famous perfume houses buy their cosmetic fragrances, including FM perfumes at DROM.

How to become a member?

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The minimum investment for a distributor to be eligible, which is the fee for your startersmap amounts to € 51.00. In the PUB of course includes a 150 startermap with scent samples. It is the success of the FM Group offering more than 150 exclusief fragrances on which you can buils a succesful business and earn extra income.

But that’s not all! There is also a perpetual license to you to recognize such worldwide success to others to present and new members to register.

With the recruitment of new members you build your own organization, which you will be rewarded by FM with extra bonuses! There is nothing that can stop you selling perfumes and cosmetics from your home at our friendly prices with very interesting profit margins.

A New Compensation Plan

A new incentive plan for the Benelux!

In a new concept includes a challenging incentive plan. Complementing the art FM GROUP World Marketing, developed FM GROUP BENELUX with its leaders in the field an extremely lucrative bonus program for each participating Member. Through an application form you acknowledge that you want to participate in this ambitious but very achievable plan. Serious money with FM Group, who would not want that?

The fee of € 52.00 for the starterset.

You may also resign at any time if you wish, without cost or penalty for reason. You have no obligations and you are free to determine when and how many hours you want to work on the success of your business. As long as you work within the rules of the FM world group, You are only accountable to yourself. It’s your future, and fortunately most of us have the enthusiasm to go for the best.

FM helps you with starting your own perfume business at home. We can also assist you if you want to organize home parties. In fact, you’re not alone. Regular meetings also provide trainings to keep you up to date of new developments. Look for the official program of FM Training sessions on our blog.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the product in itself or trainings and meetings in your neighborhood